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“When I found out Jeanne Thornton was a Celebrant, I knew I wanted her, and only her, to conduct my 25th wedding anniversary celebration.

Jeanne is a woman I’ve known for several years as a talented and compassionate yoga teacher. I enjoy how she writes and delivers moving, relevant stories to enhance each session. To me, too, Jeanne is the epitome of lovingness, a trait I admire.

The celebration my husband, Larry, and I were planning?  We billed it a “Lovefest”. I knew Jeanne would be the perfect person to be our Celebrant but I had no idea how she would approach this unusual party — or how she would save the day when the Lovefest took a sharp turn mere hours before the big event.

Jeanne had interviewed us, Larry and me, separately and together to prepare the story.  She was quick to sort through a lot of information and understand our unique relationship, our past (the positives and negatives), our blended friends and  families, and, especially, why we wanted to celebrate, bringing together people we love most from near and far.

The story – the script – she developed was a huge and pleasant surprise for both of us. (Her attention to detail is simply remarkable.) To see the first draft of our love story written objectively, using her interpretation and each other’s input, was thrilling.  We made minor tweaks to it as the date approached; we were pleased with the final draft and anticipated hearing Jeanne read it, in her beautiful voice, on the special evening.

However, three days before the Lovefest, Larry suffered a severe heart attack. Most people would have immediately cancelled the event, but I decided it would go on… more than ever I *needed* this celebration. Besides, people were already en route from out of town.  It was a chaotic and traumatic time before Larry’s impending heart surgery, but Jeanne knew how much I was counting on the party plans going forward. I needed all the people we loved and had invited to be there with us, in one room, to help me celebrate our marriage, and to celebrate Love, in general.

I could never have pulled this off without Jeanne. She stepped in with enormous sensitivity and empathy and made a few rapid changes to the script. The party happened as planned (mostly) but with Larry attending from his ICU hospital room via Skype!  He listened with us to Jeanne’s story and participated afterward through a laptop.

It was the perfect Lovefest, far beyond what we initially envisioned. Guests told me how they sincerely loved hearing this story by Jeanne. I don’t think anyone in the world could have done a better job than she did writing about our lives (by “getting” us), sharing it so eloquently to a group of 50, and reacting to the shocking change in circumstances at the last minute.  Her kindness before, during, and after our celebration will be forever appreciated. We can’t begin to thank her enough for the many things she did to make our celebration what we initially wanted, and subsequently needed.

I extend my best and highest recommendation of Jeanne to anyone planning any sort of celebration.  You will be in the most compassionate, creative, and capable hands possible.

~ Diana Perkins
P.S.  Larry’s surgery was also successful and we hope to have another celebration with Jeanne.”

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