Wisdom from a Celestial Seasonings tea box:

“Celebrate yourself. Mark the occasions of your life with friends and festivity. Train those close to you to appreciate shine time by giving them some. When you’re in the limelight, invite others to share it. Allow others their unimpeded shine time. Nobody is in the spotlight nonstop. Accept that you will shine, step back, then shine again.”

~ Creating a Charmed Life, 1999 HarperCollins

Why have a ceremony?

It’s a valid question. Think about what drew you to view this website. The answer is really quite simple: you’re human, and human lives are ever-changing, ever-evolving. Change is something we all experience, every day and throughout our lives. Many changes arise that seem small and of no particular consequence, and we just roll with them. Some, however, are literally “life changing” and we are, in some way, made different because of them. We yearn to find a way to acknowledge that truth and to honor the evolution of our own lives.

“Ceremonies are hard-wired into us. They are universal in the human experience. They help us find our own place in the experience of life.”

~ Sandra Ingerman

Ceremony assists us in integrating the changes and transformations that create the fabric of our lives.  Throughout the ages, ceremony has served to anchor human beings into the moments that define the human experience. Through symbolic action and ritual, people have long created meaningful ways to integrate what was going on in their lives. Today, however, many of us feel an absence of meaningful opportunity to deepen our understanding and acceptance of both our everyday and extraordinary experiences, be they the challenges that grow us or the joyful, life-affirming events that fill our hearts.

How wonderful that you are considering having a special ceremony to embrace, integrate and celebrate your life journey.  Choosing to create a personalized, unique ceremony to mark something significant happening in your life is a powerful way to honor your own truth.  It’s a way of signifying, both to yourself and to others, that something important has occurred or is about to occur in your life.

Shining Moments Ceremonies, with Jeanne Thornton, Life-Cycle Celebrant®, is pleased to  offer individuals and families in the Greater Denver area an extraordinary opportunity to co-create and experience one-of-a-kind ceremonies to mark the milestone moments in their lives.

Life-Cycle Ceremony Possibilities

Ceremony can be created for any occasion, life change or transitional experience that holds meaning for you. A ceremony can be very personal—just for you; it can be intimate, with only a few other significant people as witness; or it can include the presence of as many guests as you desire.

Here are a few examples of life-cycle occasions and events beautifully enhanced through ceremony:

Ceremonies to Celebrate Mile-Marker Occasions

Milestone Birthdays, Anniversaries/Vow Renewal, Blessings for a New Home, Launching a New Business, Family Reunions, Group or Community Festivities

Ceremonies for Families and Children

Expectant Parent Blessings, Baby Welcoming and Naming Ceremonies, Welcoming an Adopted Child into the Family, Adolescent’s Coming-of-Age, Young Adult Leaving Home & Parents’ Empty Nesting Transition

Ceremonies for Letting Go and Moving On

Career Change, Closing a Business, Retirement, Moving Away, Transitioning a Parent to Elder Care, Divorce

Ceremonies to Honor a New Phase of Life

Midlife Passage, Women’s Transitions, Croning/Embracing the Wisdom Years

The possibilities are endless. All have one thing in common: an opportunity to fully embrace the richness of our journey through life.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it,
move with it, and join the dance.”

~ Alan Watts

Contact Jeanne

Please feel free to contact Jeanne to discuss your ideas, ask your questions and begin to explore the co-creative process of manifesting a ceremony to consciously mark this important time in your life.

EMAIL: j.thornton@earthlink.net

PHONE: 720-979-8061

Please leave your name, phone number and email info, as well as convenient times to contact you. Jeanne will get back to you at her earliest convenience.

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