The Ceremony Creation Process

What makes a Celebrant ceremony different
and special?  Another good question to ask! Now that you’ve learned a bit about the kinds of Life-Cycle ceremonies that can be created, you probably have a clearer sense that a Celebrant ceremony is unique and specifically crafted to meet the client’s needs, values and desires based on what’s currently going on in their life.  But you may well be wondering how, exactly, a Celebrant ceremony is created.

It’s important to realize what makes a Celebrant ceremony stand out from other types of ceremonies you may have experienced. Very simply, what distinguishes Celebrants is their professional level training in the gathering and telling of each and every client’s personal story: the story that has woven the tapestry of their life.

YOUR STORY—the story that brings you to this important time in your life–becomes the heart of your ceremony and is the “shining spark” that ignites your Celebrant’s creative ceremony script writing and ceremony performance. Know, however, that in the co-creative process of developing your ceremony YOU WILL HAVE FINAL APPROVAL of your ceremony script.

So, how do we begin? 

1.  When you email or call Jeanne, giving your name, contact information and the best times to connect with you and, briefly, the kind  of ceremony you’re interested in creating, Jeanne will get back to you as soon as she can  and, together, you’ll arrange a convenient time and location to meet for your NO OBLIGATION INTERVIEW.

2.  At your no-obligation interview (which will take between 1 to 1½ hours), you’ll be able to ask any and all questions you might have, and Jeanne will ask you  many questions as she explores exactly what you  envision for your ceremony.  She will also be “catching” your story.  Your interview will be a very relaxed and easy conversation, during which you’ll be deciding whether or not to hire Jeanne as your Celebrant. By the end of the interview, you’ll find that your ceremony has already begun to take shape and, through Jeanne’s creative input, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what the experience of having a ceremony will feel like. Most importantly, you will already be well on your way to the ceremony of your dreams!

3. Based on what Jeanne determines will be required in the writing and performance of your ceremony, she will quote you her fee and provide you with a contract for your review and signature (as well as hers). Per the contract, you’ll then pay Jeanne, by check, 50% of the agreed upon fee, the balance due in cash before your ceremony.

4.  Within 24 hours, you’ll receive via email a personalized questionnaire (if you are a contracting couple, each of you will receive a copy) to be filled out with your heart-felt answers, which you’ll then return to Jeanne via email.  And, based on the information she has gathered from you, Jeanne will begin writing your ceremony script and will send you the first draft by email for you to review, edit as you wish, approve and send back to her. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTE, FINAL APPROVAL OF YOUR CEREMONY SCRIPT. Once it is approved by you, Jeanne will write the final draft.  THIS WILL BE THE CEREMONY YOU EXPERIENCE.  No surprises, but surprisingly, it will all seem magical and new to you when it happens.

5.  Jeanne will coordinate with any other professionals providing services for your ceremony (musicians, DJ, venue manager, caterer, etc).  However, please understand that Jeanne is NOT the event planner or coordinator. She is responsible ONLY for the CEREMONY portion of your event.

Your ceremony, which began as your desire and your vision to find a way to honor something important happening in your life, will take on its own life, evolving in perfect alignment and authenticity with who you are and what holds meaning for you.

As a final gift to you, you’ll receive a KEEPSAKE COPY of your ceremony.


Through your ceremony experience, you will be transformed in ways you never imagined. Are you ready to take the leap and begin the journey?

“Right here, right now, with all of your heart,
Simply say to your soul, ‘I am ready’.”

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